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Aero Fighters 2 MVS Loose (JP Label)

Out Of Stock
One of the best shooters for the NEO•GEO MVS system.  A variety of fighters and powerups, this shooter has some intense action with little or no slowdown.  A worthy addition to the NEO•GEO shmups library. 
Breakers MVS Loose (English Label w/serials)

Out Of Stock
Probably NEO GEO's best unknown fighter.  Visco put it's focus purely on gameplay and sacrificed much of the eye candy that happens in the backgrounds of many other SNK fighters.  To the fans' reward and delight, the game play in Breakers is tight, responsive and the pace is extremely fast paced with no slowdown.  Click on link above to read more. 
Breakers Revenge NEO•GEO MVS Loose (English Label w/serials)

Out Of Stock
One of the best fighting games for the NEO•GEO system, released only on the MVS format.  We're not kidding about this game either, it's really good with a great game play system and an endless amount of combos to pull off. 
A very addicting game once you start playing this game. 
Fatal Fury Special MVS Loose (JP Label)

The first Fatal Fury from SNK that had true combos and some redizzying combos at that.  If you want an old school classic from SNK, this game is it.  One of the very first addicting fighting games SNK produced. 
English cart with serial numbers intact.  In a clear see through case and in great shape. 
Fighter's History Dynamite (Karnov's Rev - JP)

Out Of Stock
In an ocean of fighters for SNK's NEO GEO system, Data East captures it's niche audience with Fighter's History Dynamite that not only looks good, but plays well and remains atop as one of the better non-SNK versus fighters. 
Also known as Karnov's Revenge (FHD is the JP Name). 
Garou: Mark of the Wolves MVS JP Loose Garou: Mark of the Wolves MVS JP Loose

Out Of Stock

Still considered by many Neo fans to be SNK's flagship fighter.  A spin-off of the Fatal Fury storyline, Mark of the Wolves was completely redone from the ground up with fluid animation, new game engine and a great cast of characters, this game is tops. 

By far SNK's deepest fighting game with tons of moves and techniques to master.   Mark of the Wolves was a game that was way ahead of it's time. 

Authentic JP version.  Great condition overall. 

Joy Joy Kid (Puzzled) NEO GEO Cartridge (JP Label)

Out Of Stock

SNK's version of Tetris with a twist.  2 player simultaneous head-to-head action.  Like Tetris, a very addicting game. 

King of Fighters '97 MVS Loose US King of Fighters '97 MVS Loose US

English labeled King of Fighters '97 MVS cart with serial numbers.  Very good condition overall from the label to the cart case itself considering it's age.  These have been very uncommon and difficult to find, especially in English format. 
King of Fighters '99 MVS Loose US King of Fighters '99 MVS Loose US

English labeled cart with serial numbers intact.   The first KOF that utilized the Strikers system. 

Choose from 5 different case colors.  Please remember to enter in 3 choices in order of priority just in case the color you're after is not available. 

Choose your case color: Clear Green, Charcoal, White, Blue or Yellow
King of Fighters 2003 MVS Loose (New) English Label w/serials

Out Of Stock
King of Fighters 2003 was SNK's last KOF title for their NEO GEO System.  Improved graphics and gameplay over it's predecessor makes this KOF one of the favorites among KOF fans.  KOF 2K3 brings back the tag team feature from the KOF '99-01 series, but is more solid in terms of playability and practicality. 
This is for a brand new, never used LOOSE cartridge with included artwork.  There is no box for this so please keep this in mind.  English label with serial numbers. 
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