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8Man MVS Kit 8Man MVS Kit

Out Of Stock
One of the toughest kits to find, especially in this shape. 100% complete with 2 mini flyers, dip sheet and mini marquee.
Galaxy Fight MVS Kit

Out Of Stock
One of the rarer fighting games on the NEO GEO MVS system.  While the game play isn't top notch, the graphics and soundtrack for this game was ahead of it's time.  Compared to Fight Fever, this game is top notch.  We're being sarcastic here. 
If you want to complete that fighting collection for the NEO GEO, this is one of the rarer fighters to find in complete form. 
Complete, matching serial numbers, full artwork.
King of Fighters 2000 US MVS Kit (w/US Mini Marquee) King of Fighters 2000 US MVS Kit (w/US Mini Marquee)

Brand new, never used, matching serial kits.  These kits come with the desired English Artset along with the preferred English Mini Marquee also.  As some of you may know, finding the mini marquee for this kit has been quite a task these days.  100% complete and brand new. 

King of Fighters 2001 MVS Kit (Brand New)

Out Of Stock

Brand New Kit, never used.  100% complete with all artwork and original box, matching serial numbers. 

King of Fighters 2002 MVS Kit (w/free KOF 02 poster) King of Fighters 2002 MVS Kit (w/free KOF 02 poster)

Out Of Stock

Complete brand new MVS Kit with matching serial numbers. Guaranteed to come with large marquee now.  We found some new old stock ones in our warehouse. Also comes with mini flyer, 2 move stickers and dipsheet.

Our kits come with the official ENGLISH artset, with mini marquee, 2 mini flyers, what you see in the pic. Please note that many KOF 2002 Kits out there come with Spanish artsets ONLY, ours contains both English and Spanish.

King of Fighters 2003 MVS Kit (w/Official Large Marquee) King of Fighters 2003 MVS Kit (w/Official Large Marquee)

Fans have waited, and now it's here, in MVS Kit format. Complete US MVS Kit comes with matching serial numbers, English, Spanish and Korean art sets.

The new reign of King of Fighter is here in the '03 version. Superb backgrounds, fluid animation and awesome new gameplay makes this one the best of all time.

All orders come with an official large marquee designed by SNK NEOGEO USA.


King of Fighters 2003 PCB/Jamma Kit King of Fighters 2003 PCB/Jamma Kit

In Stock (1)

The undisputed "KING" of The King of Fighters is the 2003 version. With razor sharp graphics, one would guess there's a new engine under the hood.

Take one look at this game and you'll know it's not your ordinary KOF facelift, but a highly reworked, reprogrammed game.

Crisp backgrounds, fluid character animation makes this the best KOF ever made.

This is a rare kit, as we confirmed that under 33 of these kits were distributed in the U.S.  The remaining KOF 2003 Kits were distributed via cartridge format. 

This kit is brand new, never used and comes with the large marquee, full artwork (full sized manual booklet). 


METAL SLUG 4 MVS Kit Super Package METAL SLUG 4 MVS Kit Super Package

Metal Slug 4 Package includes the following:

-Brand New Cart w/matching serial numbers.

-Official Metal Slug 4 Large Marquee (very nice) - High Quality Glossy LM

-Metal Slug 4 Official Poster

NEO GEO MVS Carton Boxes (Virgin boxes with no labels) NEO GEO MVS Carton Boxes (Virgin boxes with no labels)

The carton box that houses the Neo Geo MVS carts as you may know is a custom size and quite uniquely designed specifically for that one purpose.   Up to this point, most vendors threw these out, as they weren't really sought after, but since the home arcade collectors have grown, we knew these would come in handy some day. 
These are clean, virgin boxes with no labels.  These boxes were produced by SNK NEO GEO USA (Coin-Op Division) and are 100% brand new, never used.

These boxes are simply beautiful and will bring the natural look and feel back to the original MVS collector.  
Free shipping on these boxes to US Residents.  For International Shipping, email us after you check out.
Puzzle Bobble 2 MVS Kit (aka Bust A Move Again EX)

Out Of Stock
A great follow up to the huge hit by Taito, Puzzle Bobble 2 (aka Bust A Move Again).  Tighter and faster gameplay (better precision on how the bubble reacts off angles) to provide more thrilling and fast paced action.  New levels versus CPU in story mode, this is certainly better than the original. 
As a loose cart, a hard find, as a kit, as always, even more difficult.  Many of these copies out there are bootlegs.  We only sell authentic games, no bootlegs or copies.
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