QanBa Q4 RAF XBOX360/PS3/PC 3 in1 Joystick [Black Version]
QanBa Q4 RAF XBOX360/PS3/PC 3 in1 Joystick [Black Version]
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Why Qanba Q4 RAF? The decision is a no brainer for many reasons.  These days, it's not uncommon for gamers to own multiple systems, the ones in focus being, Sony PS3 and Xbox 360.  For this reason, many hardcore gamers sometimes have to make choices on which system they need to buy a stick for, based on space issues, portability (carrying them to tournaments that use multiple systems) and of course, budget restrictions. 

Qanba addresses all of those issues with multi-system compatibility, that does not sacrifice in quality whatsoever (actually built better than most sticks on the market), while offering a more than reasonable price point. 

Qanba Q4 RAF 3-in-1 stick Features:
  • Works with PS3/Xbox 360/PC
  • Authentic Sanwa Joystick (JLF)
  • Authentic Sanwa White Pushbuttons (OBSF30W)
  • Turbo Feature
  • Carrying Handle
Shipping within the United States $18.00 via FEDEX

International $55-70.00 via USPS Priority Mail or Express

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