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Tengai JAMMA PCB - Psikyo Tengai JAMMA PCB - Psikyo

Out Of Stock

From the master minds at Psikyo comes Tengai.  A horizontal shooter where you play as a warrior battling foes with action that Psikyo is known for. 

Great graphics and game play make this another great addition to your Psikyo collection. 

This is a JAMMA compatible board and is horizontally, NOT vertically displayed. 

Truxton II Truxton II

Out Of Stock
From the classic Truxton comes Truxton II.  Part II improves on not only graphics, but gameplay and the soundtrack as well.  Much more intene than it's predecessor and like the original, uncommon to find these days. 
If you're a fan of the first one, Truxton II will not disappoint.
Twin Eagle II JAMMA Board (Vertical Shooter) Twin Eagle II JAMMA Board (Vertical Shooter)

In Stock (1)
There aren't that many chopper (helicopter) shooters to begin with, but if you're looking for one, this is considered one of the best ones out there.  The successor to the huge hit, Twin Eagle II ups not only the graphics, but soundtrack, gameplay and most important for shooters, the intensity level.  Absolutely addicting if you've ever played this game and a whole lot of fun.
2-Player Simultaneous action, with Vertical Scrolling.  You will need a vertical configured monitor setup and at least 3 play buttons for this game. 
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