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You'll find control pads, memory cards and any other gaming items that will aid you in your gaming needs here.
Customize your current off the shelf or custom stick to work on various systems, Dreamcast, PS/PS2, PS3, Xbox and Xbox 360 with a variety of parts and accessories from Akishop Customs.  We have it all here for you, with simply instructions and plug and play setup.
Apparel (Clothing)
Show your support for Arcadeshock with official shirts (and soon to be caps) for the A-S Label.  Using only the high quality materials and printing process, expect nothing less than quality visuals as well as comfort. 
Arcade Flyers (SNK, CAPCOM, CAVE, many others)
One of the great aspects of the video game market is the various ways of collecting.  Some collect the cabinet artwork, some the move stickers, while the majority would collect the most obvious, the game itself. 
One of the other neat ways of getting into collecting a part of the video game market is to collect arcade flyers.  These flyers are normally provided by the manufacturer in trade shows to promote their product.  Basically, it''s just an ad, but in this ad, many collectors cherish it''s rarity, artwork or simply just it''s historical value. 
For years, our customers have asked us to offer these flyers, but the truth is, many of these flyers are simply not easy to obtain, and because they are produced normally only once by the manufacturer, all flyers in the end, will be considered rare or hard to find. 
Capcom Accessories
Check out some rare and hard to find Capcom large arcade marquees here. In time, we'll have some other miscellaneous goodies added.
Capcom CPS2 Kits
We have a very large inventory of Capcom CPS2 kits, most of them brand new or in excellent condition. Please see each item detail for kit contents. Kits normally come with large marquee, instructions, move stickers, Capcom's Control panel overlay, "Capcom" side art sticker and matching serial number on the board to the box. These may very well be the last large stock of CPS2 Kits you'll be able to find anywhere. We do not expect to get anymore in.

With the CPS2 set up, you must have the ″A″ Board (the hardware) as well as the ″B″ Board (the actual game that we sell here) for the game to work. This set up is like a sandwich, with the ″A″ board being the bottom and the ″B″ board being the top part.

Bring the arcade gaming experience home, Capcom Style.
Capcom Loose PCBs
For the true gamer in you without all the extras, you'll find some classic Capcom games here that are pure fun.
Cave Complete Kits
We've been asked and hounded by our customers for years about carrying Cave Complete kits and here they are. 
The kits we have currently are brand new, never used kits.  Everything you see in the picture is what you're getting.  Please read each item description carefully to make sure of the contents. Some kits do come with official posters, while others do not.  The ones that do not, please do not add the extra $18.00 shipping and tube charge for it.  If you do, we will refund this amount and no poster will be sent to you...since we wouldn't have it anyway.  
When in doubt, email us at sales (at) snk-capcom (dot) com for any question(s). 
CD Software (for both SNK and CAPCOM)
Get your favorite SNK or Capcom CD software here.  We sell only the best quality stuff, most of the time in excellent or MINT shape, complete with spine card (for Japanese titles). 
We offer only legitimate 100% authentic CD's.  We do not buy or sell burned CD copies as this is illegal and holds no value to us or our customers. 
Console Software (Games and Movies)

You''ll find games (and movies) for your home console systems, PSP, PS2, Nintendo DS and Nintendo Wii here.  Choose from some great titles from fighters, shooters and action/adventure genre.  Over time, we wil expand to other genres and systems as they become available. 

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