Video Capture Board (RGB to NTSC Converter)
Video Capture Board (RGB to NTSC Converter)
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We're proud to offer a unique product that offers gaming fans the ease of capturing crisp audio and video footage to any device that accepts either SCART, S-Video or Composite RCA Video (w/analog L/R audio) from JAMMA compatible arcade boards, which is about 98% of what you find out there. 

With individual R/G/B controls, this device allows the user to adjust the colors to their exact liking. 

If you've seen those crisp tournament videos provided to you by www.shoyruken.com, this is the device they use in their arcade based Evolution tournaments. 

Show off your combo videos professionally with this device, with no flicker or black bar scrolls. 

The set up is quite easy, on one end, you just connect your JAMMA standard arcade board, with the other end connecting to the JAMMA connector on your Super Gun or Arcade Cabinet.  (This is the bottom board, which is a complete pass through of information from the arcade board to the Super Gun or Arcade Cabinet). 

The top board is where you will connect your capturing device, which normally would be a camcorder.  Please check your camcorder to make sure it can accept an analog video/audio INPUT.  Most camcorders offer video/audio outputs, NOT inputs, hence does not allow you to record on this device.

Limited Warranty 1 Year Parts/Labor:  Does not include misuse or physical abuse.  Each board is engraved with unique serial number and date. 

Suggested Retail: $260.00-275.00

Our Price: $250.00

We have this board in stock, ready to ship.   

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