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Fatal Fury Special (JP) NEO•GEO CD

Out Of Stock
Fatal Fury Special was the game that we think SNK really got the game engine down.  The game play was tight and it was truly their first fighting game that produced multi-hit combos. 
Unbalanced?  Absolutely!  Cheap, oh yeah.  Fun, well, that's what it's all about.  This game is the gem among gems.  Just pick Kim or Jubei and you have yourself the two most dominate characters in the game. 
Region: Japanese (Will Play on all NEO•GEO CD Systems)
Complete: YES
Condition: Excellent
Spine Card Included?:  YES
Flying Power Disc (Windjammers) NEOGEO CD -JP Version

Out Of Stock
Flying Power Disc (aka Windjammers for the English version) is one of those sport games that can be played by anyone at anytime, literally.  What we mean by this is the game is easy to learn, once mastered, you can play quick matches that are challenging, fun and most importantly, don't take up too much time. 
If you've played this game before, you understand how addicting this game really is.
Complete:  YES
Condition: Exc-MINT
Spine Card:  YES
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