Cave Complete Kits

Cave Poster (s) Shipped in Tube Fee

This item is for customers who purchase Cave Kits only and want their associated posters shipped in a tube.  You cannot select this item by itself.  Any transactions doing so will be canceled. 
If you purchased a Cave Kit and don't care if your poster is folded, do not add this item to your shopping cart.   Please check the item description in each of the Cave kits you order to make sure the poster is still available.  If it's not listed, chances are, it's not in stock, so don't add this item to your cart.  You can email us if to confirm availability. 
Espgaluda Complete Kit by Cave (Brand New)

We've finally succumbed to the pressure of the shooter fans and have decided to offer full Cave Shooter kits.  Let us say no more.  This title in complete brand new, kit format has become very difficult to find these days.  These are completely sold out and we cannot get anymore from our distributor.  Check out the full details of the Espgaluda Kit by clicking on the larger description.  

Espgaluda II Complete Kit by Cave (Brand New) Espgaluda II Complete Kit by Cave (Brand New)

If you're a shooter fan, then you must've heard of a company called Cave. If you haven't, then you've been playing the wrong shooters.. Cave has released most of their great shooters for the Japanese market exclusively for the Arcade Scene (because their arcades are still quite healthy compared to everyone else worldwide) and because of this, the U.S. arcades haven't been exposed to what a great shooter is all about.

Ibara Complete Kit by Cave (Brand New) Ibara Complete Kit by Cave (Brand New)

Out Of Stock
From the masterminds of shooter from Cave comes Ibara.  Praised by many shooter fans out there.  Click on the title link above and get the details on what's included in this kit.

Mushihimesama Futari Version 1.5 Complete Kit  (Brand New) Mushihimesama Futari Version 1.5 Complete Kit (Brand New)

Out Of Stock
Cave brings out another shooter hit, maximizing it's 3rd generation hardware technology.  If you've played some of their other hits, such as Espgaluda or Ibara, not only are the graphics and sound effects gorgeous, but the gameplay is intense and to say the least, is purely an awesome experience. 
Pink Sweets : Ibara Sorekara Complete Kit by CAVE (Brand New) Pink Sweets : Ibara Sorekara Complete Kit by CAVE (Brand New)

Out Of Stock
The continuation of Ibara and Ibara Black Label comes Pink Sweets: Ibara Sorekara.  With an improved game play system, graphics and a rockin' soundtrack, Pink Sweets is a worthy sequel.  If you've played Ibara (the PCB, not PS2 version) and loved it, I can assure you that Pink Sweets will not disappoint you. 
Click on link above to read more. 
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