Espgaluda II Complete Kit by Cave (Brand New)
Espgaluda II Complete Kit by Cave (Brand New)
If you're a shooter fan, then you must've heard of a company called Cave. If you haven't, then you've been playing the wrong shooters.. Cave has released most of their great shooters for the Japanese market exclusively for the Arcade Scene (because their arcades are still quite healthy compared to everyone else worldwide) and because of this, the U.S. arcades haven't been exposed to what a great shooter is all about.
Espgaluda II uses Cave's latest 3rd Generation board which puts out incredible, intense, in a word INSANE graphics, music and gameplay into this compact PCB.  Many producers of shooting games have folded not only to the slowing of the arcade market, but because CAVE puts out better shooters than anyone out there practically
Everything you see in the picture is what you'll be getting.  This is a full, brand new, never used kit. 
1. Carton Box with Cave Logo
2. PCB
3. POP (This the large marquee you see in the picture)
4. Flyer
5. Player Instruction's (Bezel Move Sticker)
6. Dip Setting Flyers
7. Plastic Legs for the PCB
In stock now at current location for immediate shipment.
These kits will be shipped from our Japanese hub office.  Please allow us 3-4 Business Days before dispatching your kit.   For shipping SELECT EMS as the shipping METHOD ONLY.  Because of where it's being shipped from, there are no other shipping options at this point. 
SHIPPING:  We will ship this kit in another box to protect the original boxes condition.  We're not only sellers but collectors as well, so we understand the importance of keeping everything pristine and in top condition. 

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